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PROTEK 366 C-52 Combined jet (475 l/min)

The main components are made of light anodized material, which guarantees a long service life.
Adjustable flow: 115-230-360-475 l/min - 6bar
Position for setting the FLASHOVER function.
Changing the flow without of any change in dispersion, the possibility of changing to the "Flush" position without having to close the valve.
Thanks to the 360°rotating neck, there is no twisting of the hoses.
Self-cleaning FLUSH - flushing. Easy closing with a ball valve.
Setting of the compact flow can be done without having to close the flow line.
An extension for medium and heavy foam can be purchased for the flow line.
Connection - C52
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613.25 (511.04+DPH)
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5 kg/pcs
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