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BAVARIA Magnum XGlue 6
BAVARIA Magnum XGlue 6
153.12 (127.60+DPH)

BAVARIA Magnum XGlue 6

Interruption of the extinguishing current and intermittent use of the fire extinguisher is possible at any time
Valve made of high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic with aluminum union nut, black
Quality wall mounting bracket, foot ring as standard.
High-quality EPDM hose with fabric lining and swiveling, easy-to-use fire extinguisher and foam nozzle
Excellent and long-lasting corrosion protection thanks to the polyester coating on the container
Inner coating made of high-quality plastic provides excellent long-term protection against rust
Suitable for electronic systems up to 1000 V, minimum distance 1 m
High-quality wall bracket for attachment

In stock: 9 pcs
153.12 (127.60+DPH)

Filling volume 6 l
EN3 ignition test 13 A + Li-Ion
Operating temperature from 5ºC to +60ºC
Tank test pressure 27 bar
Burst pressure min. 55 bar
Valve PA 6 GF 30
Tank test pressure DC 04
Propelling gas CO2
Propelling gas filling 50 gr.
GlueX vaccine
Polymer inner layer
External coating Polyester
Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) cm 28x16.5x57.5
Packing carton
Strike distance approx. 6 m
Operation time approx. 26 seconds

Article No.:
Volumetric weight:
12 kg/pcs